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About  MPr&d, LLC

   Company Objectives
     Research and development work on a contract basis for
     commercial and academic organizations

   Areas of Expertise
  - Computational Chemistry
    - Sulfur Chemistry
    - Separation Sciences – Liquid Extraction & Membranes
    - Fuels Upgrading

Recent Projects

   Computational Chemistry
      - Folding of Hydrogenase Proteins
      - Sulfur Removal From Gasoline Via Liquid Extraction
      - Xylene And Naphthol Separations Using Beta-Cyclodextrin
      - Hydrogen Recovery From Hydrogen Sulfide
      - Dehydrogenation Of Butyryl-CoA Derivatives
            Using Glutaryl-CoA Dehydrogenase
      - Potassium Transport Through Human Cell Walls
      - Hydrocarbon Absorption in Tetrachloroaluminates

   Fuels Upgrading (Proprietary Projects)
      - Crude Oil Viscosity and Sulfur Reduction
      - Natural Gas to Liquids Conversion

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