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Manager of MPr&d, LLC -- January 2001 to present

Marathon Oil Co in Littleton, CO – 6/62 to 01/01
Senior Technical Consultant – took early retirement due to facility closure
Responsible for:
  (1) laboratory and pilot plant development of petroleum refining, gas
        processing, petrochemical, and desalinization processes
  (2) computational chemistry modeling of refining processes

Skelly Oil Company in El Dorado, KS – 9/58 to 6/60.
Process engineer -- maintaining normal operations of reforming & catalytic
cracking units


MPr&d, LLC
   Process Development And Consultation
       1) Proprietary process to convert methane to hydrocarbon liquids
       2) Proprietary process to reduce the viscosity and sulfur levels of crude oils
   Computational Chemistry and Modeling
       1) Separation of hydrocarbons using cyclodextrins
       2) Chemistry of the inherited metabolic disorder glutaric acidemia type 1
       3) Potassium transport through human membranes using ionophores
       4) Liquid extraction of sulfur compounds from gasoline
       5) Conversion of hydrogen sulfide into hydrogen and sulfur
       6) Folding mechanisms for hydrogenase proteins

Marathon Oil Company
    Development Of Processes And Standards
       1) Membrane process to remove sulfates from sea water to prevent oil field
            production and injection well plugging. Commercial plants produce over 6
            MM barrels per day of treated seawater world wide.
       2) New U.S. asphalt specifications under the five year Strategic Highway
            Research Program
       3) Manufacture of petroleum sulfonates from crude oils and gas oils to be used
            in tertiary oil recovery. Crude oil sulfonation process commercialized at 90
            MM lbs/year.
       4) Liquid extraction of gasoline and diesel fuels to improve octane and cetane
            values. A 2000 barrel/day unit was commercialized for diesel fuel
    Computational Chemistry and Modeling
       1) Performed computational chemistry required to direct a multi person
            effort at The Pennsylvania State University to develop processes to
            upgrade petroleum residual fuels.
       2) Modification of three American Petroleum Institute Standards for custody
            transfer of crudes and refined products.


B.S. (1958), M.S. (1963), & Ph.D. (1972) in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering
from the Colorado School Of Mines, Golden, CO


1) Hart E&P 2003 Award For Engineering Innovation
2) Nominee for the 1997 National Medal Of Technology
3) Letter Of Gratitude from the American Petroleum Institute


1) Twenty publications
2) Thirty-one U.S. Patents


1) Shale Oil Processing
    Assisted The New Paraho Corporation in developing a process to manufacture an asphalt modifier to improve road     performance

2) Petroleum Sulfonates For Tertiary Crude Oil Recovery
    Designed micellar systems using petroleum sulfonates for tertiary oil recovery processes
    Commercialized a process to improve reservoir injectivity of micellar systems manufactured from petroleum sulfonates

3) Transportation Fuels Upgrading
    Evaluated liquid membrane processes for the removal of sulfur and paraffinic components from gasoline
    Pilot plant evaluations to select commercial catalysts for hydrotreating diolefins

4) Desulfurization And Hydrogen Sulfide Decomposition
    Evaluated biodesulfurization of crude oils
    Developed a process to decompose hydrogen sulfide into hydrogen and sulfur

5) Asphalt Manufacturing And Precipitation Prevention
    Developed mathematical models for predicting road asphalt properties and yields versus refinery operating conditions
    Developed solvents for dissolving asphaltic precipitates in production wells and top side handling facilities

6) Petrochemical Production
    Performed bench scale tests for manufacturing alcohols via hydrolysis of refinery olefins
    Developed a process for purifying mixed dimethyl-naphthalene carboxylic acids
    Evaluated process for manufacturing polymers from 1-pentene

7) Natural Gas Processing
    Developed a plant scale design for removing carbonyl sulfide from fuel gas
    Performed kinetics studies for removal of carbonyl sulfide from propane


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