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Technical Papers

Modeling the Folding and Hydrogen Production of Clostridium acetobutylicum and Clostridium saccharobutylium Mutants Using Electrostatic Potential Surfaces and Molecular Dynamics, Accepted for 2009 publication in Computational Biology And Chemistry.

Solvent effects in the conversion of anthraquinone to anthrahydroquinone and simultaneously hydrogen sulfide to hydrogen and sulfur, Molecular Physics, 2007, Vol. 105, No. 4, 437-443

Computational Chemistry In Liquid Extraction Of Sulfur Compounds From Gasoline, Chem. Engr. Comm., 2006, Vol. 193, No. 10, 1321-1331.

Chemical Mechanisms In Hydrogen Sulfide Decomposition To Hydrogen And Sulfur, Molecular Simulation, 15 February 2006, Vol. 32, No, 2, 101-108.

Determination Of Mechanisms Via Computational Chemistry For Xylene And Hydroxynaphthalene Separation On Beta-Cyclodextrin, Molecular Physics, 20 January 2004, Vol. 102, No. 2, 183-189.

Modeling Resid Hydroprocessing With Tetrachloroaluminate Catalysts Using Computational Chemistry, AIChE Symposium Series, Vol 97, pg 143-145

Transition Metal Tetrachloroaluminate Catalysts For Probe Reactions Simulating Petroleum Resid Upgrading, Fuel, Vol. 79, No. 04(2000), 295-303.

Hydrocarbon Absorption In Tetrachloroaluminate Catalysts—Effects Of Catalyst Cation, Hydrocarbon Polarity And Charge Transfers Via Molecular Modeling, Catalysis Today, 43(1998), 327-338

Membranes Solve North Sea Waterflood Sulfate Problems, Oil & Gas Journal, Nov 25 1996, 59-64.

Size Exclusion Chromatography And Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Techniques For Predicting Asphalt Yields And Viscosities From Crude Oil Analyses, Transportation Research Record 1115, Nov-Dec 1987, 46-50.

Sulfur And Hydrogen From H2S, Hydrocarbon Processing, April 1987, 38-40

American Petroleum Institute Revises Liquid Compressibility Standards, Oil & Gas Journal Technology, June 30 1986, 90-92

Sodium And Hydrogen Tetrachloroaluminate Catalysts For Molecular Weight Reduction Of Hydrocarbons. Fuel Processing Technology, Vol 11(1985), 313-323

American Petroleum Institute Revises Standard 1101 To Fit Current Industry Practices By Extending Increments, Accuracy, Oil & Gas Journal Technology, July 23, 1984, 58-61

Asphalt Quality And Yield Predictions From Crude Oil Analyses, Proceedings Of The Association Of Asphalt Paving Technologists, Vol. 53(1984), 138-159

Volume Correction Factors For Lubricating Oils, Oil & Gas Journal, Sept 28, 1981, 297-308

Tying Two Extractors Together, Hydrocarbon Processing, June 1973, 91-94

Experimental And Theoretical Study Of The SIMEX Process, Colorado School Of Mines Ph.D. Thesis T-1435, 1972

REDEX Process Extracts Aromatics, Hydrocarbon Processing, Sept 1967, 134-138

Propane-Propylene Adsorption On Silica Gel: Sinusoidal Response, Chemical Engineering Progress, Dec 1962, 48-49

Frequency-Response Characteristics Of Fixed-Bed Adsorption Systems Of Propylene-Propane Over Silica Gel, Colorado School Of Mines Thesis T-943, 1963.


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